Cultural Interview

Sentez-vous libre de répondre aux autant des questions ci-dessous que vous le souhaitez.

Feel free to answer as many of the questions below as you would like.

(Where are your favorite places to meet with friends? To have fun?)
(Which is most important : wealth, education, skills, family, or friends?)
(What is the most important quality in a friend? What is the worst thing a friend could do to you?)
(Describe your family - parents, married or not, siblings, parents' jobs, living situation.)
(What do you think about marriage? Do you want to get married someday? Have children? Why and when?)
(What does it mean to be a good person? Who or what defines goodness?)
(What does it mean to be spiritual or religious? Do you consider yourself spiritual or religious?)
(What do you think about a spiritual force or God?)
(What are the characteristics of a good leader?)
(If you disagree with a boss or teacher, how do you express it?)
(What are your favorite and least favorite aspects of French culture?)
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